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Beware of scammers on social networks-SMC

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Good morning online readers and social networkers, i want to share a story which is also a warning to social media operators as well as online social networkers.

My name is Enwereji Nkasiobi Precious, Author and CEO of Nigthjars News Update and an Educational consultant.
I know most of you have been hacked on facebook and probably have used your account to dupe people?

For those that may be friends with them on facebook, hacked account friends,

Beware of messages like

1. ” Good day my beautiful friends, my uncle introduced me to this online business where you get double of your investment, i thoufht it was a scam until i invested 5000 naira. I was shocked when i was credited with 10,000 naira.

2. Are you still doubting the investment? I was credited 60,000 naira after investing 30,000 naira. I thought it was a scam until i was paid.

Note: all their post are all false, you will probably get to like it or get interested.

They are Call Flip cash Investment. They are scam.

They probably will chat with all your contact on facebook to also tell them about the business thereby scamming them and putting you at risk or trouble, because its your account.

They will convince you to make transfer that an agent will call you to verify your registration. Its a lie. Once you make the transfer, they will block you on facebook.

Dont be a johnny. They dont use their phone numbers, they register as many simcards they need for the job. Once you a sapped of your money. Thats all.

Please adhere to this. Dont use another persons phone to log into facebook no matter how its urgent to post a picture or post. You dont know who is a scammer.

Please share this post to all your friends by copying the link in your browser and posting on your social media sites. Help a friend and save yourself.

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